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"Doulas Without Borders showed me how they help to empower women in a positive and supportive way during challenging times.

" gave me the space to trust my body."

'It was like a cosy celebration during the night in my first stage of labour."

"She took care of my privacy and my wishes of my birth plan". 

"Doulas Without Borders is so, so vital to women who find themselves with no support during pregnancy and birth, or who are dealing with added stress and trauma. We need to be supported in such a vulnerable time."


"..she was there for me, thinking about so many important details and preparations I had not thought about yet.."

"I felt she was an angel for me".


"I will be forever grateful that amidst the chaos, there was someone who gently welcomed my son into this world."

"She supported me throughout my whole 41 hour labour, not falling asleep once and holding my hand the entire way through. She was my rock. I couldn’t have done it without her and I’m so so grateful for her presence. She was the first person to hold my son after me."

"I did not feel alone, it felt like having a sister and friend with me.."

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