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What we believe:

Women and people who have experienced trauma and disadvantage deserve extra support and advocacy in the childbearing year.

Pregnant people who have been through abuse, trauma and multiple disadvantage are being further traumatised in childbirth.

By supporting those in disadvantage during this key time, we can help break cycles of trauma into the next generation.

We aim to:

Foster engagement for those experiencing pregnancy, birth and the postnatal experience

Support and advocate towards a more informed, dignified and engaged pregnancy, birth and postnatal time

Encourage confidence and attachment in early mothering and parenting

Contribute towards the improvement of quality of life and resilience for future generations who are born into disadvantaged circumstances

Improve birth and parenting experiences through continuous, culturally and language appropriate presence

Our approach:

We are working towards the improvement of outcomes in the childbearing year for those who have experienced trauma and disadvantage, as a means to contribute towards positive changes in society.





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