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Code of Practice

All of our doulas follow our Code of Practice to ensure quality, professional and ethical care.


A Doulas Without Borders (DWB) Doula:


1. Is accountable for their own practice in any environment in which they might work.


2. Does not offer clinical or medical advice, carry out tasks or diagnose conditions, regardless of any health care or clinical qualification. Furthermore, if the doula is a qualified therapist and intends to use their specialism within Doulas Without Borders (DWB), they will clearly define their practice and that of the doulas as being two separate roles.


3. Understands both the scope and limitations of their role, offering unbiased information and signposting to support the parent/s in making informed choices.  


4. A DWB Doula is continuously aware of the potential for un-debriefed stories to impact their attitude as a practitioner. Therefore, all DWB doulas will ensure that they receive regular debriefing and that they utilise their peer and elder support.


5. DWB doulas always conduct themselves with integrity and respect towards clients, hospital staff and other professionals, within or outside of the colleagues organisation.


6. Upholds clients’ confidentiality and privacy according to the GDPR regulations and within practice guidelines. DWB doulas will make ethical and informed decisions about when it is appropriate to share information and with whom within the organisation in order to provide the best level of care and safety for the mother and child. If in doubt, DWB doulas will always seek advice from an elder before taking action. With regards to the sharing of information outside of the organisation, through a need to signpost or refer, DWB doulas will uphold client confidentiality, unless there is immediate and/or significant risk to mother, baby or sibling. Should this be brought to the doula’s attention, they will follow the DWB safeguarding procedures.

7. Works honestly within their level of qualification and with experience and does not mislead other doulas, clients or professionals.






















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